Saturday, March 28

Rockingham Dragway will host a drag radial event on Saturday, March 28 in conjunction with the MXA Street Drags Test and Tune program.

The drag radial event will consist of four classes with the main focus on street cars. There is an Unlimited class for competitors running quicker than 9.50 in the quarter-mile, and a dial-in bracket class open to all, and two Index classes. The Power Adder and Naturally Aspirated will run off of 11.00 Index and a 12.00 Index.

The street car classes, Power Adder Street and Naturally Aspirated, are open to street cars that are tagged and registered. Power Adder class limited to one power adder, if one or more, car will run in Unlimited class.

The Power Adder and Naturally Aspirated class minimum weight is 3,750 pounds for 8-cylinder vehicles, 3,000 for 4 and 6-cylinders, and open to cars, trucks or SUVs. Vehicles will be weighed randomly.

Power Adder is limited to one power adder with twin turbos allowed, but not turbo and nitrous, except for 4 and 6-cylinder vehicles. AWD is permitted.

Tires are limited to DOT Competition Drag Radials, Slicks, and Bias Tires. NO Street Tires in competition classes with tread wear more than 200.

Any year vehicle allowed with lightweight components limited to hood, deck-lid, hatches, sunroofs, wings, and bumpers. One-piece front ends not permitted, and removal of any body parts not permitted.
All cars must retain complete stock chassis, floorboard, firewall, and frame rails. Frame rails may be modified in front of the strut tower. Notching of chassis for clearance permitted and aftermarket “K” members permitted.

The Unlimited Class entry fee for car and driver is $100. If eight cars or more, the winner will be paid $1,200, runner-up $300, and $100 to the semi-finalist.

The two street Index classes entry fee is $50. If 8 or more cars in each class, the winner will be paid $500, runner-up $125, and semi-finalist $50 each. The Dial-in bracket race entry is $50, buybax first or second round is $20 for 8 or more cars. Dial-in class open to all entrants, competitor may run in one or more classes.

Unlimited and Index classes run on a .500 Pro Tree and the Dial In bracket race on a full tree.

Quarter mile test and tune runs open to all vehicles for only $25. General admission is $20.