ACME Big Stick Traction Enhancement Module

Product Details

Introducing a revolutionary new product from your friends at ACME Hi-Performance Laboratories!

ACME “Big Stick” Traction Enhancement Module: 2005-2020 LX/LC/LD/LA Platform 100% Bolt-In 4-Link Rear Cradle System (Challenger, Charger, 300C, Magnum)

PLEASE NOTE: Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

ACME Hi-Performance Laboratories introduces a brand-new system, never before created for FCA independent rear suspension (IRS) platforms! Convert your IRS drive line to street/strip/track-ready 4-link geometry using the ACME “Big Stick” Traction Enhancement Module. The fine folks at ACME have developed a system that is easily tunable for the highest traction possible out of your Challenger, Charger, 300C or Magnum by repackaging existing drive line components into a live-axle configuration. This multiple patent-pending system eliminates wheel hop, decreases 60’ times, increases traction capabilities on all road surfaces and conditions, and reinforces/girdles your factory rear differential module, with zero body modifications.

The system retains your 2015+:

  • Factory wheel speed sensors and locations
  • Factory brake caliper mount locations
  • Factory e-brake assemblies
  • Factory driveshaft
  • Factory wheel hubs
  • Factory CV shafts
  • Factory rear differential module

Traction control and ABS remains 100% functional while increasing drive-ability and traction with the ACME system. It’s as simple as removing the IRS cradle, swapping the listed components to the new live-axle carrier system, and installing the new ACME cradle! Making Hellcat, Redeye, Demon power or more? Instantly decrease your ET’s and increase the fun by installing the ACME “Big Stick” Traction Enhancement Module today!

Need a special toe or camber setting for road racing or autocross? Please email us at

Base system includes non-adjustable rear coil-over base-shocks (valved for drag racing), springs, upper cradle, links and live-axle carrier. Re-use your factory differential, CV shafts, wheel hubs and brakes from your IRS system (2015+ model year) to transform your car to traction-capable today!

Higher HP rated drive line components are available, email for more information.

All 2005-2014 and 2015+ 3.6L/5.7L Challenger, Charger, 300c and Magnum will be required to upgrade to 2015+ SRT style brakes and 230mm ZF differential/CV shafts. Email for more information.


Project Notes: Please tell us about your car or project, we’ll ensure the link adjustments are set at a good baseline for your combination. Please list below: model, flywheel horsepower (estimated), transmission type (automatic or manual), front/rear weight (if you know it), current ride height (pinch weld to ground at the back of the front wheel well and front of the rear wheel well), and anything else we should know about the car. Some tuning may be required for your combination.