aFe Control Chevrolet Corvette C5/C6 PFADT Series Engine Mount Set

aFe Control is proud to release the aFe Control Chevrolet Corvette C5/C6 PFADT Series Engine Mount Set. OE Corvette motor mounts are fine for your average Corvette owner, but after a few hard launches they are prone to failure often reducing traction and creating wheel hop due to the drive train wrapping up. Add some horsepower and maybe an aggressive cam, and you are really asking for problems. The aFe Control, PFADT Series engine mount set is designed to replace the OE mounts with upgraded polyurethane bushings, improving vehicle launches, traction, and a overall improvement in drivetrain feel.

This complete engine mount set includes CNC machined, 6061 anodized mounts, mated to nickel plated engine brackets via replaceable, polyurethane bushings. Stainless Steel positioning pins, and grade 8.8 hardware are included. This is a direct fit application on all C5 & C6 Corvette models. Upgrade your Corvette today and see how much performance you were missing.


  • Upgrades soft factory engine mounts, to polyurethane reducing deflection and improving vehicle launches, and overall feel.
  • CNC machined, 6061 Anodized T6 Aluminum, mounts.
  • Nickel plated engine bracket, and hardware.
  • Stainless Steel positioning pin, and grade 8.8 hardware.
  • Direct fit installation on C5 & C6

CA65 Label

sku: 450-401007-N