aFe Control Chevrolet Corvette C6/C7 PFADT Series Lowering Kit

aFe Control is proud to release the aFe Control Chevrolet Corvette C6/C7 PFADT Series Lowering Kit. Enhancing the sleek body lines while giving your Corvette a more aggressive, stylish look are what this kit is made for, by reducing your ride height by up to 1.25 Inches. Designed to work with the factory transverse leaf springs, therefore the package includes 4 lowering bolts. Although these aren’t ordinary bolts, unlike the factory bolt and pad, our bolts feature a CNC machined stainless steel stud. These studs have wrench flats, mated to a articulating foot, and a nylon foot pad. This design offers years of corrosion resistance and smooth suspension articulation, and quiet operation. Designed as a direct fit installation, no modifications is necessary. The lowering kit can be used with factory shock absorbers, or for a even better ride, try our Johnny O’Connell signature series shock upgrade.


  • Up to 1.25 inches of drop for the correct relation between looks and proper function
  • Years of durable service and corrosion resistance is possible with Stainless Steel, CNC machined adjuster studs with wrench flats.
  • Articulating ball stud for perfect alignment between foot and stud.
  • Nylon, foot pads, for smooth articulation and quiet operation.
  • Direct fit Installation, no modifications necessary.
  • Also Fits the C7 Corvette Z06 (2015-2017)

CA65 Label

sku: 410-401001-A