Arrington Performance NAG1 Driveshaft Loop

The Arrington Performance NAG1 Driveshaft Loop is now available. This loop will reduce the risk of damage to you or your vehicle in the event of driveshaft failure. After installed, the loop surrounds the driveshaft at the U-Joint and helps to contain the shaft if it breaks. This hopefully prevents it from penetrating your car’s interior or dragging and sparking on the ground. Fits the Dodge Challenger, Charger, Magnum, and Chrysler 300c 2005-2011 equipped with an automatic transmission. It is not compatible with cars with the 6-speed manual transmission. This kit includes hardware.

Why Do I Need An Arrington Safety Loop?

While driveshaft breakage is rare, U-Joint failures on high horsepower HEMIs are not uncommon. When a universal joint fails without a safety loop, the driveshaft is free to fall to the ground. Failures are known to happen at the front U-Joint. When this happens, the driveshaft can imbed itself into the road or track surface and catapult the car at speed. Even if you are not racing, the safety offered by this driveshaft safety loop is well worth the peace of mind that it provides.

Drag Racing Requirements

Generally, the NHRA requires that vehicles with racing slicks have a driveshaft safety loop if they are capable of running at or below a time of 13.99 1/4-mile or 8.59 1/8-mile. Cars with drag radials or street tires, usually must have a safety loop if they can achieve a time of 11.49 1/4-mile or 7.35 1/8-mile. Before taking your Ccar to the track, check your sanctioning body’s rulebook and ask your local tech inspector about their specific safety requirements.