BMR Suspension Chevrolet Camaro 2016-18 Polyurethane Bushing Motor Mount Upgrade Kit

Engine movement (deflection) results in lost horsepower, and that power is yours! BMR Suspension wants you to take it back with its polyurethane motor mounts for 2016 and newer Chevrolet Camaro. BMR’s new motor mounts (MM009) are an improvement to the bulky, stock bushings, which are designed for comfort, not performance. BMR manufactures its MM009 polyurethane motor mounts in its Florida facility from CNC-machined billet aluminum with 95-durometer polyurethane bushings. The kit comes with Grade 8 hardware.


BMR Suspension designed the MM009 to be the perfect (100% bolt-in) motor mount for any power level or application (street performance, drag race, and road race) where engine deflection needs to be reduced. The factory motor mounts are designed to dampen engine vibration, giving you the smoothest and most comfortable experience possible. However, this does little to limit engine movement. This deflection means lackluster throttle response, slower reaction times, and also less accurate shifts in manual-equipped cars. BMR’s MM009 polyurethane motor mounts limit engine deflection, while isolating much of the engine vibration from the vehicle’s occupants. This means you won’t feel a big increase in NVH. The reduction in deflection leads to less wasted power as it’s transferred to the tires, improving your driving experience on both the street and track. And less drivetrain movement results in more accurate shifts as you row through the gears.

BMR Suspension’s MM009 billet aluminum polyurethane motor mounts are black anodized for long-lasting good looks in your car’s most harsh environment. Installation time is about 2-3 hours with stock exhaust manifolds (installation time may be longer with aftermarket headers). Proudly made in the U.S.A. The MM009 weighs over 50-percent less than the factory engine mounts. When performance is a must, rely on BMR Suspension!

For hardcore drag race and road race applications where engine deflection needs to be eliminated, BMR Suspension offers the MM006 solid upgrade. These black anodized billet aluminum pucks replace the polyurethane bushing, making the MM009 into a solid motor mount. These are designed for max-effort application where NVH is not a concern.