Borla C6 Corvette Axle-Back Exhaust ATAK®

The Borla C6 Corvette Axle-Back Exhaust ATAK® is now available. ATAK®, Acoustically-Tuned Applied Kinetics, technology is based on specifically-tuned attributes of the internal muffler cores, which are calibrated on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis to deliver the most desirable sound. This is the most aggressive sound type available by Borla.  Even though the sound on the exterior is uncompromising, the sound in the cabin is devoid of harsh resonance, a product of painstaking engineering and over 30 years of experience with acoustics.

Part Number Product Type Pipe Diameter Tip Size Tip Description Tip Number Exit
11812 Axle-Back Exhaust Single 2.5″ Into Muffler, Exiting Dual 2″ 4″ Dual Round Rolled Angle-Cut 47 Dual Split Rear Exit