BWoody Hellcat Shorter Rear Sway Bar Links

Accommodates Hellcats Running 17″ or 18″ Drag Radials – A shorter design from our standard swaybar link to allow the rear swaybar to drop out of the way for wheel clearance and so you can get more sidewall for better traction!


Why Upgrade?

Factory swaybar links are a weak 1/4″ in diameter, and are also the weakest link of the vehicles suspension due to the lack of diameter and lack of strength.  Our BWoody links are 1/2″ in diameter (double the size of OEM) and include custom energy suspension bushing to improve handling even more! Significant improvements in handling were felt on our test vehicles. Time to make your vehicle handle like it should!!!


Installation Requires the use of a non-washable synthetic grease (such as a marine grade or a never seize lubrication on the faces of the bushings for increased life of the bushings) upgrade to grease fittings below to expand your bushing life, and make lubrication easier! You can purchase replacement bushings HERE.

NOTE: These have not been tested with after market sway bars.

Only Available in Wrinkle Black.

Product ID410.1003