Defi Racer Blue Pressure Gauge reads from 0psi to 140psi.  This gauge can be used for oil pressure or fuel pressure.

Defi Racer Gauges are exclusive gauges for USA, which are derived from quick-responsive and high-accurate Defi analog gauges.


* Compact Design – 52mm (2 1/16th”)

* Advanced Stepping Motor Technology – full sweep 270 degree movement with smooth, accurate and precise movement.

* Electrical Type – all meters and sensors are electrical type, meaning sensor is remote mounted. Self diagnostic function to ensure sensors and meters are functioning properly.

* Blue Illumination – LED illumination for a crisp and vibrant display. * Red Arrow – easily visible during the day or night.

* Semi- Black Face – face/ dial is invisible until the meters are turned on.

* Adjustable Outer Position Bezel – allows the user to set a warning point manually.

* Outer Pod and mounting stand – ABS Plastic pod and metal mounting pedestal are included.

* Opening/ Closing Ceremony – Unique opening and closing ceremony when gauges are turned on and off.

* Stand Alone Unit – Does Not Require use of DEFI Controller Unit II.

Defi® is a brand name for aftermarkets used by Nippon Seiki which manufactures and supplies gauges and displays for vehicles.

Nippon Seiki has designed and produced automobile instrument clusters for over 60 years. We supply instrument panels for the world’s sports vehicles and specialized vehicles. F-1 drivers and motorcycle racers put their confidence in the accuracy and performance of our products. We are continually seeking innovative ways to produce state-of-the-art technology for Defi’s aftermarket products.