Driveshaft Shop 2004-2006 GTO 3.25” Carbon Fiber 1-Piece Driveshaft with Strange Billet Yoke and 4340 Billet Rear Pinion Flange

This is our new GTO shaft made with 3.25″ Carbon fiber (was 3-3/4 but changed to 3.25″ for better clearance) , we have done extensive work on a new bonding system and have had great success with testing in both the lab and the real world . The shaft is rated for 1000+ Hp and will come with a Strange billet Trans yoke of your choosing (depending on transmission used) The shaft will also be mounted to the rear with a our 4340 billet pinion flange and 1350 Spicer flange. The reason we have done it this way instead of the pinion yoke is we have found that flange mount will have more repeatability for balance than a traditional pinion yoke  These shafs are made to order and normally will take 7-14 days to produce. this like all shafts are balanced on our new exclusive 9500Rpm balancer

Special Notes: fits the 2004-2006 GTO 6-Speed Manual and Automatic. The only necessary modification is the tip of the rear seatbelt bolt that protrudes into the driveshaft tunnel must be ground down to provide adequate clearance for the driveshaft.