Driveshaft Shop 2016 Camaro SS 3.5″ Chromoly Driveshaft – Stock Automatic Transmission ONLY

Available now for the 2016 Camaro Automatic is our 3.5″ chromoly shaft with CV. The shaft will come with our signature billet plates for each end so you don’t have to go in to the rear taking a chance on upsetting the crush collar (see below for billet plate VS changing to a Pinion yoke below) Our shaft comes with a 300m stub system mounted into a billet aluminum plate to ensure not only strength but lighter weight than the normal way of doing this type of end (look closely at the CV end its not all steel) The shaft only weighs 35 lbs and come with special 12.9 uber strength hardware with back up lock nuts to ensure no loose bolts, we have been using this Billet aluminum style plate for over 10 years on thousands of 1000+Hp Supras-BMW’s and many more with out any bolt issues. 1- year warranty.

Backordered 5 to 8 weeks for Build and Delivery

sku: GMCA18-CHR