Eibach Drag-Launch Kit Dodge

The Dodge Demon has become a drag strip legend, setting a record 9.65 second 1/4 mile time from the factory and producing an unheard of 1.8 g’s of acceleration. Our Engineers developed and tested a new spring system for the Mopar line-up that share the same 1/4 mile smashing characteristics as the Demon.  The results—our new Eibach DRAG-LAUNCH Kit. The DRAG-LAUNCH Kit is optimized for traction by taking weight transfer into account and providing maximum grip at launch. This means increased torque control, reduced wheel hop, faster 60ft and lower ET’s.

The DRAG-LAUNCH Kit is made of the same high-quality materials as our PRO-KIT and Motorsport springs, precision wound hi-tensile steel alloy, cold-formed, tempered and shot-peened for long lasting performance and durability.

– More consistent load transfer during launches
– Increased control and reduced wheel hop
– Made by Eibach in the USA

Please note: The DRAG-LAUNCH Kit is developed for drag strip performance and is not designed to lower the vehicle. Heights may vary by make, model and accessories.