Fore Innovations Dodge LX/LD/LC 2005+ L1 Dual Pump Returnless Fuel System


The Fore Innovations Dodge LX/LD/LC 2005+ L1 Dual Pump Returnless Fuel System is now available for purchase. This is a basic fuel pump upgrade that requires minimal installation effort. Uses the original fuel feed line, in-tank filter, and also a fuel pressure regulator. The factory dual sump tank retains its transfer function, with the level sender, fuel filler, and also all EVAP controls. Not for use with E85. (due to lack of compatibility of original fuel filter)


  • LX Fuel Pump Module (dual pump only)
  • TWO -8 o-ring plugs (to disable feed/return ports)

E85 should not be used with this fuel system. It uses the factory paper fuel filter, which is non-serviceable and located in the passenger side module. If you are interested in E85, you must run one of our higher end systems that uses an external, serviceable, stainless steel 10 micron element. The original fuel pump power wires are NOT designed to accommodate any high performance fuel pump configuration we offer. We suggest the FC2 for the GSS342 and F10000302 fuel pumps, which do not generate substantial heat and are manageable by the OEM fuel pressure regulator while running full time. The FC3 is recommended for large pump, in order to reduce heat and to reduce the load (error) on the factory fuel pressure regulator at low throttle settings.

You will not have fuel smell, provided the installation was accomplished properly. The hermetic wire seal assures a 100% seal at the wire pass through. (we seal both the inside and outside of each individual conductor). Big fuel pumps are louder than smaller fuel pumps. Gear driven fuel pumps are louder than turbine fuel pumps. Two fuel pumps are louder than one fuel pump. If you are sensitive to noise, our FC3 driving a Walbro F10000302 primary with a secondary AEM 50-1000 is inaudible, even over stock exhaust, and will offer 700+ rwhp of fuel. This system is rated for 700 rwhp, or about 12 psi of boost. Above these conditions, the small OEM regulator rolloff, coupled with the diminishing pressure differential of the factory static regulation creates a large error condition that we would expect to deliver repeatable fuel pressure delivery in all conditions.

sku: 49-501