Fore Innovations Hellcat Fuel Pressure Sensor AN-8 Male Adapter


  • Install AN-8 Male adapter on EFI quick disconnect end of OE Hellcat fuel pressure sensor
  • Reuse OE sensor in larger -8 fuel lines
  • Black anodized aluminum


  • after fuel filter in Hellcat LX/LC

Typically used to relocate or re-use in when OE fuel lines are manipulated. Losses of OE sensor are still present, but negligible with OE pump arrangement. When used with upgraded fuel pumps, we suggest OE sensor only be retained in a parallel (split) feed fuel system, as our L4 fuel system. If losses in the fuel system are not acceptable, we recommend replacing the OE sensor with our aftermarket Hellcat sensor with 1/8 NPT adapter click here.

sku: 70-A03