Fore Innovations Jeep Trackhawk 2018+ L4 Triple Pump Fuel System


The Fore Innovations Jeep Trackhawk 2018+ L4 Triple Pump Fuel System is now available for purchase.

  • Cherokee WK2 Fuel Pump Module (triple pump)
  • F2i Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • FCV Checkvalve
  • 88mm Inline Fuel Filter
  • Billet Hellcat Hemi Fuel Rails
  • All fittings, hose, hardware required for typical fuel line plumbing
-30 feet of fuel line and matching hose ends (your choice)
-Qty 6, billet low profile 90 degree o-ring fittings
-Qty 7, straight AN to ORB fittings
-Qty 2, -8 ORB plug
-Qty 2, -8 ORB 1.25″ port extentions
-Qty 10, hose straps and mounting screws
This System can run E85 provided you select our [optional] stainless filter element and select E85 rated fuel pumps. The FC2 will run both pumps full time. Dual small pumps, such as GSS342s may run full time; however, we suggest larger pumps be staged with FC3 due to the heat generated by the large pumps. Please contact us if you need assistance with your fuel pump selection. The factory fuel line will be plugged and will not be used in conjunction with our fuel system. The fuel pump module doesn’t use a basket because the basket actually becomes a bottleneck in the system at lower fuel levels. The size of the basket is limited by the tank access opening and the depth of tank which is INSUFFICIENT in vehicles that have to ability to consume large amounts of fuel for more than 10-12 seconds. By nature of the dual sump fuel tank design, the pump side of the tank has an adequate sump that provides adequate fuel for your motor. However, considering our fuel system has the ability to transport large amounts of fuel residing in a fuel tank geometrically shaped for smaller pumps, we do recommend you keep at least 1/2 tank of fuel in the tank for racing conditions.
Our proprietary hermetic wire seal assures a 100% seal at the wire pass through (we actually seal the outside and inside of each individual conductor). As long as you select our PTFE or FlexLP fuel hose, you can expect fuel smells to be non-existent. Startlite fuel line will smell. Additionally, operating a smaller primary fuel pump will minimize fuel heat and evaporative emissions. Our module is far more quiet than any external pump. However, please keep in mind that larger pumps make more noise than smaller pumps; likewise, two pumps make more noise than one pump. Generally speaking, our module with a single turbine style pump will be inaudible in the typical customer’s car that has an upgraded exhaust system. If you are sensitive to pump noise, we recommend a dissimilar pump setup, using the smallest possible pump for the primary. If you are unsure about pump selection, please contact us.
sku: 49-643