GForce Engineering Chevrolet 6th Gen Camaro 9″ IRS Kit

The GForce Performance Engineering fully-fabricated 9” IRS is a complete independent rear suspension (IRS) that replaces your drive-line from the transmission back. Includes a fabricated 9” housing that bolts to the stock differential mounting points. It also includes GForce bullet-proof axles, 35-spline inner stubs shafts, new outer stub shafts and an upgraded one-piece driveshaft.

It’s no secret that stock IRS drivelines can be a real weak point in these cars. Once power levels exceed the limitations of the stock differential, upgraded axles may hold up, but they expose the weak points in the differential and other driveline components. This is where the GForce 9” becomes a necessary upgrade. The bolt-in 9” kit eliminates the flex, noise, and weak points of the OEM rear. Plus, you have the confidence knowing you are putting your power through a race-proven, bulletproof rear-end design but with all the benefits and advantages an IRS can provide. In addition, the GForce 9” kit comes standard with beefy 35 spline inner stubs.

All GForce Performance Engineering 9” housings are laser cut, CNC formed and tig welded for a flawless finish and unmatched strength. Housings feature vent and drain plug bungs as well bungs to run an optional diff cooler and provision for a temperature sensor. 9” kits are sold as a complete assembly that includes the housing, a third member (pumpkin), axles, stub shafts and a driveshaft. All third members come complete and setup by Strange Engineering with your choice of gear ratio. Although most kits are designed for the factory transmission, we can accommodate most common transmission options with a driveshaft tailored to fit.

GForce 9” Kits Include the following:
– Fabricated 9” housing (bolts to factory locations)
– Heavy-duty front mount
– Solid aluminum or poly bushings
– 35 Spline Inner Stubs
– One-piece CNC Machined Outer Stubs
– Renegade or Outlaw Axle Shafts
– All necessary hardware for installation
– Strange Pro HD aluminum third member
– New 4” aluminum one-piece driveshaft features upgraded tubing, billet slip joint with 1350 u-joint, and billet direct fit flange (in most applications)

Poly Bushings (standard) or upgrade to Solid Aluminum Bushings (+$100)
GForce Renegade Axles (standard) or upgrade to Outlaw Axles (+$400)

Dedicated race cars may require other considerations for gear and bushing choice; please call with questions

Renegade & Outlaw Axles : Learn more about the GForce axles included with this 9” kit.

GForce 9” Kits are designed to fit in the factory location and work with factory components with as little modification as possible. When installing a GForce 9” kit, it is up to the installer to check for clearance around all components, including potential clearance issues from drivetrain and suspension movement. Modification might be necessary for driveshaft clearance, especially with exhaust. 9” kits are not guaranteed to fit with ANY other aftermarket products.

ZL1 Applications : End customer is responsible for E-diff sensor on ZL1 9″ kits; There is no functionality with our 9″ kit at this time.