HP Tuners MPVI2+ Tuner W/ Universal Credits*

This OBDII Interface allows you to connect your vehicle’s various supported control modules to the HP Tuners VCM Suite.  The VCM Suite will allow you to read, diagnose, and clear trouble codes, while allowing you to pull the vehicle’s stock file and modify it.  The possibilities are limitless with the ability to optimize your vehicle’s performance, fuel economy, torque response, and more.

What’s new with the MPVI2+?

  • Low Energy Bluetooth 5.0 with ability to use the HP Tuners TDN App on Android and soon iOS smart devices.
  • M8 Connector (4-pin) motorsports grade screw on Pro Link
  • 12x faster USB-C offering improved connection speed (4 MB/s)
  • New RGB LED light system to indicated Device Status and Bluetooth connection

MPVI2+ Pro, and why you may need it:

The Pro Features Set that comes with the MPVI2+ Pro allows the user additional abilities not available on the MPVI2+ Standard interface.  To start, the M8 motorsports plug style Pro Link allows the user to connect 2 analog signals and one CAN BUS signal at a time.  This will allow you to easily integrate any wideband, boost pressure sensor, and more to create a more dynamic tuning and logging experience.  Standalone Data Logging is also available with the Pro enabled interfaces, allowing you to collect data without a laptop present.  The MPVI2+ Pro is highly recommended for vehicles 2007 or older, with the intent to utilize a wideband.  Any MPVI2+ Standard can be upgraded to a Pro interface at any time.

Credits & Licensing

When modifying and flashing a vehicle, there is a required one time licensing fee.  Check HERE to see what your vehicle will need for licensing.  Universal Credits are the ONLY credits that the MPVI2+ interfaces will take.


sku: M02-000-00