JDI Ghost Lock For Dodge Vehicles

  • PLEASE NOTE: The Ghost Lock is now in stock and ready to ship for all Charger and Challenger models.

  • Trackhawk – 1-2 week lead time

 *Non-Supercharged Charger/Challenger Customers: Please see note at the bottom of this page*

  • Allows for location of the vehicle via the Trackmate app or via computer at any time.
  • Easy to install, no cutting, no splicing.  Only 2 ring terminals and 2 electrical connectors.
  • Ghost Lock can be set up to send you a text and/or an email if the engine is started or if the vehicle is moved in any way (driven, rolled, towed, or dragged)
  • You can set Geofences at home, work, or other locations that you are at frequently and will be alerted when the vehicle exits and/or enters these locations.
  • When traveling you can set a temporary geo fence for your desired number of hours.  For example, you can set a fence at a restaurant, store or hotel right from your phone or computer.
  • Allows for remote fuel pump disable from your phone, tablet, or computer no matter how far away from the car you are.
  • Ghost Lock can send text/email alerts for geofence settings, security settings, voltage drop of the vehicle’s battery, speed alerts if the vehicle exceeds a certain speed and ignition on/off alerts.
  • Equipped with 10 AWG wire rated for up to 30 amps of current draw. Uses standard Bosch style 5 pin relays that are readily available to make the harness easily serviceable.  You can safely and effectively prepare your car for the high horsepower and reliability you desire. (This does not apply to Hellcat models, they have a PWM fuel system from the factory)
  • If a thief were to cut power to the vehicle battery, the Trackmate tracker has a 6 hour internal battery to allow for continued tracking.
  • Jordan Distributors, Inc. has signed an exclusive contract with Trackmate GPS, a leading vehicle tracking service.
  • Monthly service starts as low as $9.99 per month and they provide tracking over most of the world.
  • We have a Patent Pending for this unique product with GPS tracking that allows for remote fuel pump control.
  • The Ghost Lock is a fuel pump upgrade harness that allows for greater electrical flow to the fuel pump for up to ~15% better flow, even on a stock daily driven vehicle. (This does not apply to Hellcat models, they have a PWM fuel system from the factory)
  • Ghost Lock can be left on a stored vehicle for many weeks without an excessive drain on the vehicle’s battery and can even send you alerts when the vehicle’s battery has been drained below your preset voltage desire.  Your car can let you know when you need to start and or recharge the vehicles battery.  During testing, we left the Tracker on an average vehicle battery for 8 weeks with only minimal drainage as the tracker requires very little voltage when idle.
  • This product is for OFF-ROAD use ONLY. We do not offer any tuning support for this product and any hardware or software changes need to be performed by a professional.  Professional installation is recommended.
  • Shipping: Shipping in the Continental 48 US States is included free of charge. If you are located outside of the Continental US you can simply add your desired products to your cart and, after entering your address, the website will calculate the exact shipping cost for you.
  • All of our products include a 1 year Limited Warranty against any manufacturing defects.
  • Terms and Conditions: By purchasing the Ghost Lock, the customer agrees to all terms and conditions set forth by Jordan Distributors inc.
      • You should NEVER attempt to recover your vehicle yourself!
      • Always contact the authorities for vehicle recovery.
      • You Should NEVER disable the vehicle remotely while the vehicle is moving under any circumstances, for the safety of the driver, thief, passengers in the vehicle, other vehicles on the road, bystanders or any other people or beings that could be potentially affected by this action.
      • The Ghost Lock is not intended to be used to disable the vehicle for an extended period of time such as when the vehicle is in storage. A kill switch should be installed in the vehicle to serve that purpose. The Ghost Lock is intended to be used to track or remotely disable the vehicle in situations where you do not have access to the vehicle.
  • Legal Disclaimer: By purchasing this product, the customer takes full responsibility for any use, and/or misuse of the product and agrees that Jordan Distributors inc. holds no responsibility for any consequences, legal, or other, of such use and/or misuse. Off-road use only. Any cutting or modification of any of our products will void all warranty.


Non-Supercharged Charger/Challenger Ghost Lock:

The fuel pump connector in all 2006+ vehicles is the same; however, the wire location was changed due to a TSB released in 2017. For 2006-2016 vehicles: if you have replaced the fuel pump, your wiring will likely have been updated to the newer 2017+ wiring.