MFER-1-EXTREME Active Exhaust Simulator

For people who drive in extreme weather, or just want added protection from the elements.

Install is the same as the MFER-1  both kits use white high temperature glides.

Lock washers not used anymore on the MFER-1 or the MFER-1-EXTREME

Each kit has 2  MFER-1-EXTREME and all the hardware for 1 vehicle

The MFER-1 EXTREME is all stainless steel metal with white high temperature glides, each kit has 2 MFER-1 and all the hardware to install them on dodge vehicles with active exhast, 2015 and up.  You must reuse your motors and springs. Make sure exhaust is cool remove power clips from AEM’S  remove 3-8 mm nuts from each motor, remove motors and springs and save motors and springs to re install, make sure AEM  valve is open 2 o clock, that is the default position when the car is off, now install MFER-1 with 3-8 mm nuts make sure locking tab is in bottom slit of damper.  Next install 3- 8mm stand off nuts, now install 3 set screws with a 2.5 mm allen wrench . Install 3 flat washers. next 3 serrated washers with crown edge up  lines facing  the motor. next install motor and spring , make sure spring is hooked to back of motor first. slide motor over 3 set screws, hold motor against MFER-1  with one hand, tighten 3, 8 mm nuts with other hand using a 8 mm open end wrench.  YOU SHOULD USE BLUE THREADLOCKER  now after you are done, the last step is to hook up power to both motors you will hear the motors power up.    Now  your exhaust will sound great.   All work must be done by a professional mechanic.    PATENT PENDING