The mXa 2 step Plug N Play Harness w/ Stage 6 Motorsports Modern HEMI 2 Step Kit is now available for purchase. This Kit includes our Plug N Play 2 Step Harness, as well as Stage 6 Motorsports’ Modern HEMI 2 Step Kit. The Harness works with the 2 Step Kit to provide a solid 2 step system.

Stage 6 Motorsports Modern HEMI 2 Step Kit

This Stage 6 Motorsports Modern HEMI 2 Step Kit connects right to your late model HEMI to produce consistent launches and Turbo cars will be able to build boost which results in quicker 60-foot times. When activated, the rpm will hold steady and once the green light comes on, release the clutch or brake and take off – but be sure to hold on! The rpm is adjusted with two built-in rotary dials ranging from 2,000- 11,900 rpm in 100 rpm increments. A handy LED shows when the launch rev limit is active.

mXa 2 Step Plug N Play Harness for 3rd Gen Hemi V8’s

This custom mXa 2 Step Plug N Play harness works with the Stage 6 Motorsports 2-step control box box. This harness plugs into the coil packs, factory wiring harness, and also the 2-step control box. The harness eliminates the need to splice into the factory ignition coil wiring. It locates the 2 step on the drivers side of the car near the master cylinder.

2 Step Harness is 4 to 7 business days wait time. UPS Saturday delivery available for extra fee.  For more information call (704)966-1860 or email