Acceleration Packages

mXa high performance acceleration packages combine our research & development of the Hellcat platform with testing on our in house dyno, cruising around town and data from the track.  707 crankshaft HP is fun, but 800 to 1400 crankshaft HP is out of this world!  What type of mad person needs that much horsepower?  You do, why else would you be looking at this page?  So by this time you’re asking yourself how much horsepower do you need?  Well our packages are as simple as 1,2 or 3 or can be customized to your liking.  Horsepower and torque can be gained multiple ways on the Hellcat platform, but proper tuning and torque management is key in keeping this beast from destroying itself.

  • PCM Options:
    • Unlock your factory PCM consist of removing the PCM, sending out to be modified, down time can be up  to 5 business days depending on shipping preference.
    • New Unlocked PCM consists of replacing the factory PCM with a Mopar Hellcat PCM programmed with your VIN#, Mileage and Calibration ID.  The untouched/unmodified factory PCM will be kept for backup.
  • Tuner Options: 
  • Upper Pulley:
    • 2.85 Hellraiser Pulley made by Litens that decouples like the factory supercharger pulley.  The Hellraiser 2.85 Pulley  is utilized for our mXa Hellcat Level 1 Package to turn up the boost.  The smaller the upper pulley the more boost from the supercharger is created.
  • Lower Pulley:
    • Pin the Factory Crank consist of drilling and using dowel a pin to secure the harmonic balancer to the snout of the crankshaft.
  • Injector Options:
    • Injector Dynamics 1050X  The best injector on the market bar none is included in the package where most other kits use a cheaper budget injector to be more cost effective.  For a higher flowing injector you will need to look at our mXa 800X and higher mXa Hellcat Packages.
    • Dodge Demon Injectors OEM Injectors made for the Dodge Demon are installed to produce more flow over the factory Hellcat Injectors. But this limits you on overall power if you are planning extra mods in the future.
  • Installation OptionIn House Installation and Tuning is all done here at Mass Acceleration Motorsports were your vehicle will be pampered. All vehicles are gone over with a fine-tooth comb on arrival and departure. Vehicles are protected with plastic and fender covers, receive a 27-point inspection, and undergo a 2-person quality check. We do all dyno tuning on our in-house dyno, and test drive each vehicle at cold start, idle and cruising to ensure quality and performance. Throughout this process video and pictures will be taken. Upon vehicle pickup, customers receive a complete invoice of all work performed, as well as a dyno sheet with before and after dyno Wheel Horsepower and Torque numbers
  • Additional Parts Included in Package :  Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs and 180 Degree Thermostat 

Additional options to consider for your Hellcat include sparks plugs, driveshaft, wheels with drag radials, and higher ratio rear differential.

Not included in these package prices are state tax, shop and Hazmat fees.