Nitrous Express Direct Port Plate System For 5.7, 6.1, and 6.4L Hemi

The Nitrous Express direct port nitrous plates are designed to fit factory modern Hemi Engines. This setup is capable of spraying anywhere from 100-400 horsepower. Direct port plates offer an advantage compared to a single nozzle or a throttle body plate, giving you the best distribution possible by feeding an equal amount of nitrous and fuel to each cylinder.

The plates bolt under the intake manifold making installation quick and simple. The plates come in at 5/8″ thick so there will be no need to run an aftermarket hood. Made entirely of billet aluminum, anodized in black, and as always proudly made in the USA

This system includes:

  • Direct port Hemi nitrous plates with stainless fittings
  • TPS Auto learn switch so the nitrous only activates at wide-open throttle and automatically turns off when you let your foot off the accelerator.
  • Jetting for 100-400HP
  • Stainless braided N2O and fuel line
  • Master arming switch
  • Relay and relay harness
  • Fuel rail adapter
  • 10Lb bottle with the billet aluminum Lightning 500 bottle valve and stainless bottle brackets
  • All necessary hardware to complete the installation.