Pro Link+ for MPVI2+

Pro Link+ for MPVI2+
Designed specifically for the MPVI2+, the Pro Link+ together with Pro Feature Set allows the professional user to input 2x analog signals (from a wideband sensor, map sensor, etc) and 1x CAN bus signal simultaneously.

Reminder: You must purchase Pro Feature Set to be able to use a Pro Link+ cable.

How do I purchase Pro Link+?
Pro Link+ will be provided FREE of charge (plus shipping) with the purchase of Pro Feature Set. However if you would like additional Pro Link+ cables for multiple vehicles, you can purchase them here.

Pro Feature Set
To learn more about Pro Feature Set click here.


          • 2x dedicated 0-5V analog inputs
          • 1x CAN bus input (500kbps)
          • 100Hz sampling rate
          • M8 connector to 5 wire harness
          • For MPVI2+ ONLY