Southern Hotrod LLC WAR VIKING 8HP70 2WD

You will need to send SHR your transmission for them to build.

After you purchase online, we will contact you to setup pickup via truck freight.

2015-2020 Dodge Challenger V8
2015-2020 Dodge Charger V8

Engineered for the most demanding high powered HELLCATS.


  • Alto Products G3 Friction material
  • Kolene Steels
  • ZF Bolts
  • ZF Bearings
  • Precision assembly

The build process…

  • Complete transmission tear down
  • Thorough parts wash
  • Complete and detailed inspection
  • Measure all critical dimensions
  • Full “DRY” stack up build
  • Set friction clearance to SHR specification
  • Valve Body tear down
  • Clean and Inspect valve body
  • Build valve body
  • Bead blast transmission case
  • Final “WET” build